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深化してく 編み込む奇跡 必然に今もつなぎ合わせてく

もうひとりのひらめきが チャージャーに 
おててつなげば ボクらunstoppableけどね

進化してく ぼくらの想像 好奇心 幾度と まぜあわせて

ふたりの全身全霊 ギュッと+したまま
2で➗なければ まだまだぼくらは
ボクらはunstoppable もうひとりとつないで楽勝

神化してく ぼくらの創造 踊る心を 紡ぎ合わせて

見据えて前 ボクらunstoppable
練り込む夢を ボクらunstoppable
無限 distance  ボクらunstoppable


Shinka shiteku Fumikomu kiseki 
Hitsuzen ni ima mo tsunagi awaseteku

Tatoeba hitori no tokimeki batteri ga LOW demo
Mou hitori no hirameki ga chaajaa ni
Otete tsunageba bokura UNSTOPPABLE kedo ne
Soredemo tarinai toki wa HUG de SYNC shiyou

Shinka shiteku Bokura no souzou
Koukishin tsumugi awasete

Futari no zenshin zenrei gyutto to tashita mama
Ni de waranakereba madamada bokura wa
Tatoeba hitori no tokimeki batteri ga LOW demo
bokura UNSTOPPABLE mou hitori to tsunaide rakushou

Shinka shiteku Bokura no souzou odoru kokoro wo tsumugiawasete

Misuete mae bokura UNSTOPPABLE
Nerikomu yume wo bokura UNSTOPPABLE
Mugen distance bokura UNSTOPPABLE


Deepening myself by weaving what seem miracles at the moment
I keep choosing to do it, because I know that they turn out to be inevitable pieces for me to grow and get closer to wholesome
So every second I cherish them and splice them together (even if they are challenging or frustrating or even agonizing at the moment)

Even if one’s inspiration battery gets low, the other ones’ sparks can become an encouraging and inspiring charger
The charge we get from holding hands help can inspire each other for good, then we become unstoppable
If it’s not enough, then let’s hug to sync even deeper

Growing our imaginations, showing curiosity, by mixing and developing them together countless times

If we commit and devote everything of each other without any dishonesty or cheating from the core of the soul,
If we add them up and don’t divide by two** we can make ourselves so much more capable than we’d ever imagined we could
Even if one’s inspiration battery gets low, we can still become unstoppable
By connecting and sharing our inspirations with one more person, without suffering

Our collaborative creation goes beyond what we'd hoped for
Let’s make it even better by spinning our dancing hearts together

Look straight ahead We are Unstoppable
Weave dreams and make it happen We are Unstoppable
Unlimited distance We are Unstoppable
Become unstoppable with us!

**There is a saying in Japanese “Adding good parts of two people and divide them into two, then both people become harmonized and balanced beings” which stresses the importance of self-improvement.


from や​ま​な​い​お​と / UNSTOPPABLE, released June 30, 2020
作曲:Tommy Pedrini & 山里千陽子
プロデューサー:Tommy Pedrini & 山里千陽子


all rights reserved



milkyPRiSM Los Angeles, California



Hi I'm milkyPRiSM! I mainly do Japanese pop music, but also love experiments and new discoveries! I want to remind people about pure-hearted, moral, childlike things that we used to be able to feel and do when we were children.

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