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from こ​こ​ろ​ね​。 by milkyPRiSM



"Kimi no Neiro" ("The Color of your Sound")


「ちがう」とまぜまぜれば 心ほっこり「いつも」

ポロリメルトダウン そんなときもまずは

そこで歌おう ぶつけて想い
なんでもいい 本気で
聴かせて 震えるくらい
伝えてよ きみの音色を

「いっしょ」いっこもなくて 繋がりたいのでも

ありがたみ ありがとう 握り締めて今は

そこで繰り出そう なんでもいいの
みててと お願いしたら
のってく flow あとはやるだけ
広げよう 仲間の網で

Time to try something new
Tune to what you can do
Discover a new you

So can we collaborate?
知りたいの きみの解釈読み込み
ひとりじゃなぞなぞなのも もしかして可能?

鳴らそう きみだけの音
みんなが 守れたら
創れるよ 安全の再生


Chigau to mazemazenba kokoro hokkori "itsumo"
"Mata" sugi "daijōbu" yori wa "yaru koto" ka shita kono koro
Mae wa rizumu ni natteta mochibe no wakeakko
Dore hodo kichō datta noka ato ni natte kidzuku

Piripiri mo waan na douji no magyaku ni piriri
Porori MERUTODAUN sonna tokimo mazu wa

Soko de utaou Butsukete omoi
Nandemo ii Honki de
Kikasete Furueru kurai
Tsutaete yo Kimi no neiro wo

"Issho" ikko mo nakute tsunagaritai no demo
WERUKAMU? zawazawa kokoro
Osoru bururu te wa pitari

"Ano koro" ga dō to ka nageita tokoro de kawannai
Arigatami arigatō nigirishimete ima wa

Soko de kuridasou Nandemo ii no
Jibun e no CHARENJI
Mitete to onegai shitara
Futsuri yaruki

Notteku FLOW  Atowa yarudake
Tokimeki wo atsumete
Hirogeyou Nakama no ami de
AIDEA mo afuretekuru no

Time to try something new
Tune to what you can do
Discover a new you

So can we collaborate?
Shiritai no kimi no kaishaku yomikomi
Hitori ja nazonazo nano mo Moshikashite kannō

Narasou kimi dake no oto
Donna shion nanokana?
Minna ga mamoretara
Tsukureru yo Anzen no saisei


The “always” can bear a sense of stability if balanced with variety
But when it’s just that over and over, it instead becomes a stress-inducing obligation, rather than something that grounds us
I didn’t notice or appreciate how helpful it was that I was in an environment to motivate each other
I realized later how precious it was to have that daily rhythm that I had taken for granted

The “piri piri” (agitated sound) “mowan” (stuffy, foggy air) time passes by so slowly;
Feeling somehow agitated and rushed at the same time, I melt down in tears
Even in a situation like that, the first thing you should do is...

Sing right where you are
Express that emotion to it
Doesn’t matter how it sounds, but the important thing is that you engage completely
Don’t hold back, try shaking my heart with your passion
Connect with me and let me experience the color of your sound

Even without a common tone, you still want to connect, and you might wonder
“Will you accept me?”
Your heart will probably get noisy with the uneasy fear of rejection
But try anyway, and steady your hands to stop shaking from fear

Whining how much better whatever was “back then” is but a waste of everything
That doesn’t change a single thing
Appreciate instead what you do have now,
Hold that feeling of “thank you,”
and use it as a reminder of the precious things,
To do your best with what you can do now

Make something, anything
Any challenge to yourself
Ask someone for a favor to witness the process to motivate yourself
Take advantage of the flow of the momentum, appreciate the aid,
then just do it; no more wasting time on distraction
Collect positive sparkles for your heart, the ones that inspire you to become your best self
Widen and grow the network that inspires you to become your best selves
Then with mirror neurons precious ideas will spill over

Time to try something new
Tune to what you can do
Discover a new you

So can we collaborate?
I want to know
I want to read the disk with your interpretation
The things you cannot get your head around might become possible to understand

Make your sound right there,
With the only voice you have
What does that look and sound like?
If everyone mutually commits to it,
We can regenerate safety in our lives


from こ​こ​ろ​ね​。, released September 27, 2020
作曲/Music by: Tommy Pedrini & chiyoco
歌詞/Lyrics: chiyoco
プロデューサー / Produced by: Tommy Pedrini & chiyoco
アート・Artwork by: Lindsay Collins

chiyoco (Vocal)
稲美沙希・Ina Misaki (Background Vocals)
Michaela Nachtigall (Strings)
Tommy Pedrini (Piano, Synthesizers)


all rights reserved



milkyPRiSM Los Angeles, California



Hi I'm milkyPRiSM! I mainly do Japanese pop music, but also love experiments and new discoveries! I want to remind people about pure-hearted, moral, childlike things that we used to be able to feel and do when we were children.

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